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Confirmation 2018-2019 Calendar

Confirmation Occurs on Sunday Evenings from 6:45pm-8:15pm

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Confirmation is a celebration of the ongoing power of the Holy Spirit who is alive in our hearts. In the sacrament of Confirmation the grace of Baptism is deepened and gifts of the Holy Spirit are bestowed and intensified.

Confirmation prep is for just 1 year is for Catholic School and Public School Students. Youth who have received the other sacraments of initiation may begin preparation as early as their 9th grade year of high school. All youth grades 9-12, who haven’t received the sacrament are welcome to register.

Confirmation primarily seeks to form young people into disciples of Christ in the Catholic tradition. This is done with powerful talks at each session that fuel deep discussions in small group. Candidates will be challenged and empowered to love and know Christ in a profound way. Each session will have prayer, talks, witnesses, activities, discussion, and an engaging topic. Topics for each session will be handed out at the start of the program. The program flows from reaching to candidates from their experience of the world, to giving the tools to live the life of a disciple, and finally how to spread the message of what they know to the world.

Every year we get young people in every different stage in their understanding of the Catholic Faith, the bible, and many other things. It needs to be noted that Confirmation is very different from school. In confirmation we strive to do several things. First, we strive to form a community that is unique to Epiphany, this is why Confirmation is done in the parish setting. Second, we desire young people to become disciples. You might be able to recite a hundred facts about the church that not many people know, but our deepest prayer is that you love the Catholic Church, Jesus, and one another and that you want to spread that love. Thirdly, we also acknowledge that just like where young people are with their knowledge of the faith, many of them are in different places in their journey of faith. Confirmation strives to deepen faith! No matter where you are, you will always need to have your faith deepened. For these reasons we challenge our Candidates, parents, and sponsors to not just “get Confirmation over with” but value each step in the process and embrace what God is calling you to in the Sacrament.

While we value the established friendships that youth have when they enter into Confirmation, it is simply not possible to honor every single friend request we get when making groups. Groups will be divided by boys/girls. We will do our best to make sure that each group has a balance of candidates from different schools but that they are not the only person from their school. You are welcome to email a request in, but it may not be honored.

In the program candidates will get a sponsor, attend E3:HS nights, reflect on homilies, learn about a patron saint, serve the community, give a witness talk, and attend a weekend long retreat. These components strive to challenge teens to live the life of a disciple of Christ. Candidates receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the Confirmation Sacrament and what they experience in the preparation year helps to show them how to live out the grace they receive for the rest of life.

In Confirmation, Candidates will need to attend 1 weekend long retreat in order to receive the sacrament. There are several options that will be made available to candidates, but the main options are the fall retreat, entitled “FIDEI,” and the spring retreat, entitled “CREDO.” This retreat will be put on by the E3:HS Core team and will be for any High School student (Confirmation youth are given priority).

All online forms are now handled through google classroom. The link is above. Google classroom allows for easy updates, submissions, and communication. The link takes you to Google Classroom. There you will sign in to your google account and then Click on the “+” button and join our “classroom” using the following code: m9pajh

Mikayla Anderson

High School Youth Minister, 763.862.4333 or

Looking to Register for 2018-2019? Click here and fill-Out Faith Formation registration materials