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E3: MS & HS Adult Core Teams

Core Teams

Be A Part of The Excitement

Our new Youth Ministry Team is looking for interested adults of any age to be a part of our Youth Ministry Core Team for middle school and high school. It is an exciting time to be involved with the youth ministry program as we get a fresh start this year. Twelve adults, both men and women, are needed to be on the Core Team. Half of whom would work with middle school and the other half would work with high school youth ministry. Being a Core team member is not the same as being a catechist for faith formation. Interested adults should contact the youth ministry office and speak with Eric Duffy,, for high school or Carly Radke,, for middle school to get more information.

Mission Statement

“Rooted in Christ, shaped by the Gospel, and sustained by prayer, the High School Core Team members pursue holiness within their daily lives in order to pour out what they receive through their union with Christ in His Church. Core Members offer the best of themselves for the youth whom they serve through humble leadership, personal witness, authentic relationships, and rich catechesis.”


  1. Members will become confident of their role as adult Core Member through training and continued meetings as a group.
  2. Members will deepen their sense of service and love for the Church’s youth through leading the E3 nights.
  3. Members will be able to lead an effective small group, give testimonies, lead games, talks, and other events.
  4. Members will form a strong community as a Core Team in which members can feel free to contribute, collaborate, and share with one another.
  5. Members will hold respect for the pastor of the Church of the Epiphany, the parish mission, and the teachings of the Catholic Church in all interactions, discussions, and catechesis.

Learn More

Core Members will commit to being on Core team for at least one year. After their first year they can choose to continue involvement in subsequent years. In order to best serve the youth and the mission of the program adults should not be Core Members for longer than four years in order to allow themselves to continue their spiritual journey and make room for additional adult Core Members.

“All the faithful of Christ of whatever rank or status, are called to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity… They must devote themselves with all their being to the glory of God and the service of their neighbor. In this way, the holiness of the People of God will grow into an abundant harvest…” (Lumen Gentium 40).
Through baptism all Catholics are called to holiness and to serve others. A Core member for E3 is an adult, answering their baptismal call, who works as a part of the Core team to grow closer to God, build strong relationships with teens, and uphold the teachings of the Gospel and the Catholic Church. Core members will meet regularly to grow in faith together, learn how to lead small groups of youth, and plan for regularly scheduled E3 youth ministry nights and youth ministry retreats from October through May. A Core member will share their faith with confidence, use the gifts God gave them in humble service, and show Christ to the teens through the witness of their own pursuit of holiness.

Being a Core member should not be simply a social outlet for you. The primary goal for a Core member should be to serve teens and encourage them to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus, not to draw them into a relationship with you alone. A core member is not simply a chaperone or a party planner.

Any adult who is feeling called by God to share their gifts with young people is invited to contact the Youth Ministry office and submit their name. We would like a broad range of ages involved with Core team. Young Adults to Retirees are invited to contact us. All we ask is that if you have a child or relation in High School that would be a part of the program, that you demonstrate your willingness to serve all the young people in the program. Interested Core team members would first contact the youth ministers, then sit down for a one on one interview, set aside time for prayerful discernment, submit an online background check, volunteer code of conduct, and attend a VIRTUS training session. Afterwards there would be a formal Core training and day retreat for Core members.

Program Format

  • Candidate expresses interest with a youth minister.
  • Candidate meets one-on-one with YM.
  • Candidate takes time to prayerfully discern Core Team.
  • Candidate commits to Core Team for one year, agreeing to commitments and expectations.
  • Core Team member does Virtus training, background check, and signs Code of Conduct.
  • Core Team members attend our E3 Training and Retreat Day from 1-5pm on September 13th 2014.
  • Core Team members meet once a month for a roughly 2 hour meeting, including time for prayer, fellowship, event planning, updates, catechesis, and training. This Core Team meeting time prepares members for E3 nights, their small group leadership, talks/testimonies, and any additional events or needs. Members are expected to attend the monthly meeting unless there is an unavoidable and serious conflict.
  • Core members strive to attend every Wednesday E3:HS Session
  • Core members strive to attend both the fall and spring retreats. (FIDEI- Nov 9-11 2014 and CREDO- Mar 20-22 2015)
  • Core Team members arrive Early to each Wednesday session to pray and help set up

Eric Duffy

High School Youth & Formation Minister, 763.862.4333 or

Carly Radke

Middle School Youth & Formation Minister, 763.862.4334 or