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E3:HS Discipleship Teams

Epiphany D Teams

High School Discipleship Teams


Discipleship Teams are small groups of High School Teens meeting either in homes every week or in our E3:HS setting once a month. These groups grow in Holiness and learn how to be disciples of the Lord. D-Teams are:

…and the Next Level

Eric Duffy

High School Youth Minister, 763.862.4333 or

(Confirmed Teens Only!)

This is probably the best opportunity for great growth in a small group setting. These teams meet regularly (once a week or every other week) with an adult mentor they chose and who has been approved by us. They pick their own groups and meet on their own time. We use the incredible yDisciple program from the Augustine Institute as well as new discipleship resources from Lifeteen. Teens chose the topics they desire to discuss. Forms are required as well as special training for all mentors. Please Contact Eric Duffy for more information!

Click here to register for In-Home D-Teams

(All High School Teens)

Not ready for the big commitment of in home DTeams yet? That is okay. E3:HS has you covered. E3:HS is our weekly Youth Group at Epiphany for High School youth. Meeting in the youth room we pray, play crazy games, and grow in faith. Once a month our E3:HS is transforming into Discipleship teams for all the youth present. You will meet with, ideally, the same people each time and focus on a topic you want to talk about. There will be longer small groups and more focused fun and faith with people you will get to know well. There are no forms required for this. You just simply come to E3:HS!

E3:HS begins in late September on Wednesdays in the Epiphany Youth Room from 6-8pm.

FAQ for those currently in D-Teams...

What if you are meeting in homes but still want to come to E3:HS?
Great! Come! If possible it would be great for your mentor to come to on days when we have longer dedicated small group time! If they cannot we can either assign you a Core member OR you can meet on your own in the youth room and myself and other Core can be a resource to you.

What if your D-team is awesome and you want it to continue?
Great! Then continue to meet! I will be checking in with mentors this month to make sure they are still on board. Let me know how I can help!

What if your group fell apart and you are hesitant about trying again?
I am sorry that happened! I know that some of you (parents and teens) were hoping to get more from this then you did for that I apologize. Know that so much of what D-Teams really are is very organic, meaning it is highly dependent on many uncontrollable factors (such as personal schedules). If you are still open to it then I would highly encourage coming to E3:HS every week you can this year. Ideally our D-Teams are going to grow from these more dedicated small groups once a month. It is also my belief that if you come to E3 you will meet others very much desiring the same thing you do and hopefully you will form friendships!

What if you want to start an in the home D-team?
Lasts year’s model of D-Teams is still open to you. Forms are still available to you in front of the youth room and are attached!

What if you love your E3:HS small group and want it to become an outside D-Team?
Then we will need everyone from that small group to fill out the forms and you will need to ask your Core team member if they would continue to lead you in home.

What if….
I know there are a hundred more questions that could be asked. Know that I am here, contact me anytime.