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Volunteering at Epiphany


Before You Volunteer

Online Registration for NEW USERS

A key to our commitment to promoting safe environments in our parishes, Catholic schools and communities is for all persons in positions of trust in regard to minors and vulnerable adults to fulfill the Enhanced Essential 3 requirements (EE3). The EE3 relates to 1) the Code of Conduct, 2) safe environment training and 3) background checks, with re-credentialing required every three years. Your involvement at your parish or Catholic school as an employee or volunteer who interacts with children, youth or vulnerable adults warrants compliance with the Archdiocese’s Safe Environment requirements.

If this is your first volunteer/employee position through the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis, the VIRTUS Online Registration – NEW Users will assist you in this process.

  1. Reading and signing a Code of Conduct, including completing the online Code of Conduct Training. This must be completed prior to beginning employment or volunteer duties.
  2. Submitting to a background check. This must be completed prior to beginning employment or volunteer duties. All employees and volunteers submitting to an initial background check must complete a paper copy of the 123b form (attached). New employees must also complete the Previous Employer Background Information Release. New educators at Catholic Schools must complete the Teacher Discipline Inquiry System Search. Please return these forms to the parish or Catholic School office. If you completed a background check within the previous 3 years at another site, please contact the parish or Catholic School office.
  3. Attending a VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children 3-hour live safe environment training. This must be completed within 30 days of beginning employment or volunteer services. If you are a volunteer chaperone going off-site with youth, you must complete prior to going off-site.

You will also need to complete training on Mandatory Reporting. You may sign the Code of Conduct, submit to the background check, and pre-register for an upcoming VIRTUS session via the website. Attached are instructions on how to do so.

You can take the VIRTUS training at any location within the Archdiocese if the Epiphany sessions do not work in your schedule.  The following 2018/2019 Epiphany training sessions will be located in the Hearth Room and start at 6:30 p.m. Please arrive 10 minutes early to register and receive your packet.


September 13, 2018
October 11
November 8
January 24, 2019
February 28
March 28
May 9


Re-Credentials for Current Volunteers/Employees

You can complete your background re-check, complete Safe Environment re-training, as well as read and sign a Code of Conduct online at

If you previously attended a VIRTUS session, please do not create a new account; you MUST log in using your existing account. If you do not remember your ID/Password, please contact our volunteer coordinator and she will assist you.  The Guide for Current Employees and Volunteers will walk you through the process of logging in. Once you log into your account, you will have access to the background recheck, re-training video, and Code of Conduct within the Toolbox tab.

If you need assistance with any of these computer related tasks, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you through it.

Bobbi Daignault

Volunteer Coordinator, 763.755.1020 or

Jean Mackey

Director of Human Resources & Community Life, 763.862.4364 or
Teen Volunteers

All teens under the age of 18 working with youth and/or vulnerable adults must fill out the Teen Code of Conduct. Also provide two letters of reference from contacts other than your relatives or have your references fill out the Student Volunteer Character Reference form below. Your group leader may have other forms necessary to be completed prior to start of volunteering.

Teen Code of Conduct
Student Volunteer Character Reference Form

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